THEY ARE COMING……!!!!!    YIKES!!!!!!!

Bum, bum….bum, bum…..bum, bum…..   No, its not the sound of an approaching shark, nor the sound of an old timey steam engine, nor the sound of the opening band preceding your favorite rock star’s concert….

Bum, bum…..bum, bum….bum, bum…….   No, its not the sound of your heart beating at the sight of your approaching lover …. or mother-in-law…., nor the sound of a cannon firing, nor the sound of an approaching storm….

What could it be……?   What could it be……?    Bum, bum….bum, bum…..bum, bum………


Do you want to know more about viticulture?  Do you like to see things grow and thrive?  Do you enjoy the fruits of your labor?  If so, join us this weekend on Saturday or Sunday at 9:30 and help us plant our new vines.  We have nearly 1,000 new vines coming in this week, and we would love to have your help planting them.  If interested, call Tricia at our winery phone number and reserve a space.  Its simple work and you will enjoy the “fruits” of your labor.  Plan to bring your boots, and dress warmly in jeans and gloves.  You will have a blast!  And, you might get an early peak at what’s coming…..bum, bum……!


We are open Monday through Thursday by appointment.  If you would like to taste our wines or make purchases by the glass, bottle or case during these days, please call our winemaker, Tricia, at (937) 479-4278.  Appointments can typically be made during the week with as little as 15 minutes advance notice.

We are open Friday and Saturday with regular tasting room hours from 2pm to 8pm.  Please come, bring your best friends and pals, and enjoy our fine Ohio wines.  Remember, we permit patrons to bring snacks and treats from home with them (except of course alcohol beverages) to enjoy with our fine, estate wines.  So if you think you might like to enjoy a little picnic at our winery, please come on by.

Please note, as our township is “dry” on Sundays, we are not able to accommodate Sunday sales.


Have you thought about what you want to give to that special someone?  Well, here is a perfect, reasonably priced idea:  Why not give a gift box of fine, award winning Caesar Creek wines?


Just call our winemaker Tricia or our sales manager Chad, and they will be happy to help you put together a special selection of 2 or 3 wines, or mixed case if you prefer, in lovely, festive packaging.


Here is some wonderful publicity about our winery from a well known wine writer in Virginia.  Click on this link and see what Mr. Yost has to say about us:


 It almost makes us blush.  (We promise we did not pay a dime for the article!!)


When:   E-mail Tricia at the Tasting Room pchalfant@caesar-creek.com for a special appointment!  Cost: $30, includes one glass and one bottle of wine (your choice!).  Additional glasses: $5  Glasses and painting supplies will be provided.  Just bring your creative mind, enjoy a glass of wine, and have fun!


Special wine tastings and parties are available at the tasting room Monday – Saturday by appointment.  Please call Chad at (937) 768-1140.  We really enjoy putting together special events for customers any time, such as fund-raisers, retirement and birthday parties, car shows, bridal showers, fun runs, etc., and would like to accommodate your interests.


 Our core goal is to produce excellent wines from Ohio grapes which customers find pleasing and enjoyable.  We pride ourselves in making “estate wines.”  This means that the wines from our 2012 vintage are made on site from grapes grown in our vineyard, fermented, bottledlabeled, and aged in our winery, and sold in our tasting room.  This is unusual for an Ohio winery, but it is our objective to be true to the finest winery traditions of France and California where the winemaker knows and loves her land and vines, and makes the best possible wine she can from them.