GR7 (Rubiana)

GR7 grapes


GR 7 (“Geneva Red 7″) is an early / mid-season red wine grape for use primarily in red wine blends. It is distinguished from other red wine grapes grown in cool climates by its high degree of winter hardiness, adaptation to mechanized production systems, and ability to survive in older plantings where other red wine grapes are lost due to tomato and tobacco ringspot virus infections. GR 7 is a highly productive, easy to manage cultivar, and is the sixth wine grape to be developed by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station of Cornell University.

(The information and photo above were provided by Cornell University on its public web site. For many years, Cornell has been a highly regarded pioneer in the development of new hybrids for American vineyards, and a true friend of the vineyardist and winemaker.)