Chardonel Dry white wine, lightly oaked, fresh, crisp, and clean.  Varietal, 0% RS, pairs with sharp cheeses and creamy chicken and seafood dishes.

Caesar’s White Dry white wine with notes of meadow grass and honeydew and a crisp finish.  Seyval, 0.5% RS pairs with pasta, chicken and seafood dishes.

Seyval Dry, smooth and medium bodied, with notes of citrus and a lingering  mineral finish. Seyval

Skipping Stone OQW Semi-Dry white wine with pear and apple blossom aromas.  Notes of apple on the palette and a soft mineral finish.  Cayuga White, 0.7% RS, pairs with citrus fruits, mild cheeses, and chicken and seafood dishes.

Traminette Semi-Dry white wine with orange blossom aromas. Notes of citrus on the palette.  Varietal, 2% RS, pairs with spicy Asian dishes.

Creek Stomper Sweet white wine with apple and honeydew on the nose and palette. Smooth honey finish.  Cayuga White, 3% RS, pairs with fruits and brie, gruyere, and goat’s milk cheeses.

Just Peachy Sweet white wine with delicious peach nose and palette.  Cayuga White and peach flavor, 6% RS, pairs with angel food cake and ice cream.

Headwaters White Very sweet white wine with notes of honey and tangerine.  Chardonnay and Frontenac Gris, 9% RS, pairs with fruit desserts and white chocolate.

Miss Petunia Pie OQW Decadently sweet white wine with notes of honey and citrus.  Traminette and Frontenac Gris, 15% RS, pairs with ice cream and crème brûlée


Frontenac Semi-dry red wine, medium bodied and with notes of cherry and strawberry.  Varietal, 2% RS, pairs with chocolates and barbeque.  

Caesar’s Rosé OQW Dry rose’ wine, light, and refreshing with notes of cherry and raspberry.  Frontenac, 2% RS, pairs with turkey and rich, cheesy dishes.  

Twilight OQW Semi-sweet rose’ wine with bright notes of cherry, undertones of citrus, and a clean finish.  Cayuga White and Marechal Foch, 3% RS, pairs with mild cheeses, pork, and creamy pastas.  

OQW indicates that the wine has been designated an Ohio Quality Wine by a panel of judges assembled by the Ohio State University.

 Comments from the Experts:

“… I sat down and tasted your three wines last night and was very impressed. Trish knows the value of good acid structure, and that elevates all three of those wines above what many … wineries are producing.

The Creek Stomper is reminiscent of a good demi-sec Vouvray, the great chenin blanc wines of the Loire Valley.  And the Headwaters Rose borrows the best attributes from both white Zin and Provence Rose’, striking a point somewhere in the middle.  I’m looking forward to what you will be able to do with the broader range of grape varietals that you’ll have available to work with in the 2012 vintage!”

…Mark Fisher, Food and Wine Reporter, Dayton Daily News